Eco club is platform on which we get knowledge about environment.

Eco club is a means by which students and youth can organise themselves to learn about the environment and take action to improve their immediate environment. It plays an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation. The meaning of ECO-CLUB in a group who works to contribute to improving environmental condition.  The different activities under this club include-

1-Motivate the student to keep their surrounding green & clean by undertaking plantation of trees.2-Educate student to create awareness amongst public, so as to stop the indiscriminate burning of waste which causes health problems.3-Motivate student to imbibe habits & life style for minimum waste generation & adopt the 3’s-reduce, reuse & recycle.4-Organize tree plantation programmes, awareness programmes such as quiz, essay, painting competitions etc, regarding various environmental issues.                                     In our school we have an ECO-CLUB, which performs activities to save the environment, like planting trees, organising poster competitions, extempore speech competitions, naming the different trees present in our school campus etc.  This year the different programmes conducted by our school are-

1. 5th June ,19
      World  Environment day was organised in collaboration with ARANYAK ( A leading NGO of Assam working on Protection and Conservation of Flora and Fauna Of Eastern Himalayan Region).On this behalf Poster Making Competition and Extempore speech competition were held for classVI to VII and IX to X.
 2. August ,19
      Environment science project were allotted to class X students regarding Reuse of waste      materials, rain water harvesting & organic farming.Students have also done vertical farming by using plastic bottles.
      3. September,19
      The club prepared name and number plates for  naming & numbering of trees present in the school campus along with scientific name of species.

4. October,19
      Vertical farming by reusing plastic bottles by class IX and plantation of plants by the students of class XII.
   5. November,19
      Stone painting was done by the students of class VI, VII and X for beautification of campus.
      6. January,2020
       Birds identification of some of the common birds found in the school campus.


Every year the school organises different activities to encourage the students to participate and develop their literary skills. The Vidyalaya also has a literary club that specialises in literary activities. The club maintained a board with word meanings, grammar, name of books etc which was changed by the students throughout the year. The activities organised by the literary club this year includes book review, speech, debate, recitation etc to improve the spoken English in students and develop their reading habits as well. Not only the literary club but literary activities were organised through Bal sabhas also. Students were encouraged to participate and compete in different events like one act play, drama etc as per the house system. These activities motivate the students to increase confidence among them. Quotations of various renowned persons and a piece of news everyday was also boosted the students. Moreover the compulsion of spoken English was also played a vital role for the students to learn the language in the school campus.