Every Soul is Potentially divine

The Goal is to manifest the divinity within. Do it either by work or worship

They only live who live for others

The rest are more dead than alive

My faith is in younger generation

Out of them will come my workers, they will work out the whole problems like lions

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in Man

We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, intellect is expanded..

Arise Awake and stop not till the goal is reached

You have to grow from the inside out, none can teach you..there is no other teacher than your own self

11th National Vovinam championships, Lucknow

At 11th National Vovinam championships,

Our Student Ankurita Chutia achieved 3rd position At 11th National Vovinam championships Lucknow.



Vidyalaya observed Universal Brotherhood Day (11 Sept) on 12 September in the School's Yoga Vidya Sabhagriha. The programme started with mangalacharan followed by Speech on UB Day by Teacher Ranjit Muktiar where he talked about the importance of Swami Vivekananda's message. He also stated that the foundation of Universal message which was laid by Swamiji at World parliament of religion is proven effective when the World is celebrates Yoga Day, Samuhik Geeta path in the recent time are happening. In this connection 4 Vidyalayas of Tinsukia took part in Patriotic Song Competition where Budding Buds Sr Sec School stood first , followed by Bangiya Vidyalaya as 2nd postion winner. The programme ended with melodious Rendition of two songs by our esteemed Judges Sri Sujit Choudhury and Sri Purnendu Das. They also spoke about how to bring glory while singing Patriotic Songs.

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Alumni Meet

Dear all VKV Alumni staying at Guwahati. Kindly find herewith the invitation for the alumni meet along with the registration form link. Please do fill it all. We expect all your presence on the 11th of September 2022 Meet at VKIC Guwahati at 9.30AM. Through this registration we will get to know a little more about all of you. Kindly do fill it within 4th September. 
Regards Kamalakant
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Ganesh Chaturthi

Today in our Vidyalaya on the account of  'Ganesh Chaturthi' We celebrated this auspicious day with some heart smoothing Bhajans. Senior students drew a beautiful 'Rangoli' and decorated the Murti Of God Ganesha, filling the yoga hall with heart warming peace. The students were brought in the yoga hall for a short period of time, but it was satisfactory as students were attracted to the great god Ganesha. At the end of the great and refreshing ceremony the pandit sprinkled "Shanti Jal" on the people present there and distributed Prasad to everyone present there. Overall this day was a beautiful and wholesome day of celebration for the students as well as the teachers. Following are Some pictures from the occasion:-
A picture of the Decorated Statue of God Ganesha.
                        Beautiful Rangoli 
Pictures of  "Shanti jal" sprinkled by Pandit Ji 

Students sitting in the yoga hall before the occasion

Made by Dhrubajit Saikia and Somraj Mitra

Srimanta Sankardev's Tirubhabh Tithi: A day to remember the pioneer of the land

assamese version:

বিবেকানন্দ কেন্দ্ৰ বিদ্যালয় তিনিচুকীয়াত আজি উলহ-মালহেৰে শ্ৰীশ্ৰী শংকৰদেৱৰ তিৰোভাৱ তিথি পালন কৰা হয়।  বিদ্যালয়ৰ ছাত্র/ছাত্রী সকলৰ মাজত বিভিন্ন সাংস্কৃতিক কাৰ্যসূচীৰে আজিৰ অনুষ্ঠানটি পালন কৰা হয়। শিক্ষক ৰঞ্জিত মুক্তিয়াৰে দিনটোৰ তাৎপৰ্য ব্যাখ্যা কৰাৰ লগতে, ছাত্র প্ৰিয়দৰ্শন গোস্বামীৰ খোল বাদন প্ৰদৰ্শন, অহিতোগ্নী চক্ৰৱতী আৰু ঋদ্ধিমান মুক্তিয়াৰৰ কবিতা আবৃত্তি , জিলমিল হাজৰিকাৰ দশৱতাৰ নৃত্য, আৰু বিদ্যালয়ৰ চাৰিতা হাউচৰ মাজত আতক ধুনিয়া দিহানাম প্ৰতিযোগিতা অনুষ্ঠিত কৰা হয়। অনুষ্ঠানত ডিমৰুহোলা গাঁৱৰ মহিলা শিল্পি দলে সুন্দৰ দিহানামৰ পৰিবেশন কৰি অনুষ্ঠানৰ সৌষ্ঠৱ বৃদ্ধি কৰে। 

English version:

 Today in our school, i.e. Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, there was an astounding celebration of Srimanta Sankardev's Tirubhabh tithi. Students of the school participated in various competitions, programs, etc. Ranjit Muktiar sir  explained the necessity of this program and taught about the great Assamese polymath Srimanta Sankardev to the people present there. Priyadarshan Goswami's Khol performance, Ahitagni Chakraborty and Hridhiman Muktiar's poetry recitation, and Jhilmil Hazarika's Dashavatar Dance stuffed this auspicious event with glamor. A beautiful and challenging Dihanaam competition was also held among the four houses of the Vidyalaya. Dimoruhula Gaon's female artists performed a glamorous and beautiful Dihanaam and increased the function's loveliness.

By Dhrubajit Saikia and Somraj Mitra

A Wonderful Morning


In the morning assembly of Senior Classes today Sri Diganta Biswa Sharma, noted speaker of Indian Spirituality and philosophy of Rishi Aurobindo, winner of Sahitya Academy for Translation has addressed the students and spoke about the topic "An Ideal Child". In his speech he gave some vital points for students to follow, like:

1. Absolute sincerely 

2. Truth will victorious, falsehood will be overcome

3. Believe in constant progress

Students put their question after the talk.

"Report by Sankalp Kar ,member, IT club"

EknathJi Punyatithi 2022

Maneeneya EknathJi Ranade , The Man with the Capital M, who was instrumental in establishing Vivekananda Rock Memorial and VKVs in Assam and Nagaland, had left for his heavenly abode on this very day , 22 August , 1982. Vidyalaya gave tribute to this great personality in the Morning Assembly by singing song, bhajans, speech by teachers etc.  

On this auspicious day Vivekananda Kendra Tinsukia Nagar Samity inaugurated a YogaHall at its office in Tinkonia at evening 5 pm. Bhajan Sandhya, lectures etc were organised in this connection. Sri Samiron BoseJi, VMC, Sri Diganta Biswa Sharmaji, Saha Prant Sangathak Vivekananda Kendra was present and Diganta Ji delivered a speech, followed by speech by teacher. Besides Karyakartas and other followers of Swamiji were also present there .