IT Club

IT Club, or Information Technology Club, of VKV Tinsukia, is a drive to update our students, teachers and others concerned about the technical know-hows of various electronic and e-gadgets that may be used for smooth functioning of Vidyalaya's day-to-day activities as well as learning Computer Science. The IT Club was started on 11th September 2011 with the launch of the Vidyalaya's official website. Every year, students, class VII onward, join the club as members. They are trained and given necessary support and knowledge so that they may be instrumental in any IT related troubleshooting, and updating of Vidyalaya's website.

In the recent years (2017, 18), members of the club introduced Health Card for machines, E-Mag (Vivek Sanchar) released, World Environment E-Quiz was conducted and assisted school in updating CBSE digital requirement.

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