Principal's message

I heard a renowned poet saying in an interview,”There is a long list of people I owe to. First the Supreme Power who blessed me with a beautiful life. Air, water and the stuff  we need for our  survival are His ways to show love for the mankind. The thread that binds us with Him is unseen but certain. He pulls us on- and off, directs us towards- and away from the destined goal. All He does is with a cause. My parents took very good care of me. They had to work harder than they actually could do. No day I heard my mother talking ill about anything. Whether it was the worst day or the best , her life and love for me was always the same. What I got from my mother and my family is what I have been living proudly with –SANSKAR. The outer world made me cry very often and laugh  as well ,but   at times. The tears cleansed my body and mind and the smile strengthened them. All in me is your precious gift to me. Thank you a lot.”

    I thank you all for your saying--’ Yes’ to Greenery  and’ No’ to Garbage
n  ‘Yes’ to all constructive works and a straight’ No’ to a destructive approach
n  ‘Yes’ to love life and care for it,’ No’ to hatred
n  ‘Yes’ to all words that keep you morally upright and’ No’ to any word which puts you morally down
n  ‘Yes’ to stretch out your hands to help the poor and the  needy, ’No’ to greed
n  ‘Yes’ to work dedicatedly for an alround development of the students and ‘No’ to commercialization  of education
n  ‘Yes’ to respect and conserve the Cultural Heritage of India, a brave and loud ‘No’ to any threat to the unique Unity in Diversity.
n  ‘Yes’ to shoulder the responsibility of imparting nationalistic education to the future citizens of India
The Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional,  and intellectual aspects of the children are  attended to ensure that the children who wing out of this Vidyalaya for the outer world  are  reasonably equipped to face the challenges that life throws at them.     



Vidyalaya Highlights

  • Mandatory Public Discloser
  • Achievements
  • Co-Scholastic Activities
  • ActivityBasedLearning
  • Pancha Prerana
  • Notable Alumni