AAVP Workshop in Vidyalaya

Aryabhatta Anushandhanatmak Vijnan Prakalp (AAVP) conducted by VKSPV, Guwahati is a regular programme for the students of VKVs in Assam and Nagaland to foster the growth of Scientific temperament among the students.  To prepare students to participate in the AAVP a workshop was conducted in our Vidyalaya from 10 May to 14 May 2019. In the programme guidelines and instructions were given to present the project, project visualization, how to investigate, utilizing time frame, subject selection etc. were taken care of. Our students and teachers have worked passionately on their topics and have qualitatively used their  time in this camp. 18 teachers and 43 students from class 7 and 8 participated in the AAVP workshop. Resource person Sri  Nachiket Nitsure, Subham prouder, pranav mhaisalkar, vedant dixit from JnanProbodhini Pune were present throughout.