Friday 23 July 2021



The Guru Purnima is celebrated on 23 July in virtual mode. Sri D. Rama Rao Ji , Sampark Pramukh VK Margherita was the Guest Speaker of the programme. Our ex students, present students and some teachers participated and sung Guru Bhajan, recitation , parent did Naam Kirtan and all other parents/students attended the program through Google meet and YouTube Live. The same evening virtual celebration for primary parents and children were also kept and wholeheartedly many parents participated those session of Guru purnima celebration.

Another day , on 26 July all the Campus dwellers of VKV Laipuli participated in offline Bhajan Sandhya along with some teachers in online mode and observed Guru Purnima. Neeladeep sir spoke on the importance of the day. Students and karyakartas sung Guru Bhajan, patriotic song , stotras etc 

Message on Guru Purnima by our Principal Sir :-

Link to watch the Guru Purnima session held on 23 July 2021:

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