The 75th Independance Day was celebrated in VKV Tinsukia and its units in VK PRE SCHOOL in Naupukhuri and Chabua. At 7.30 am the Tri-colour flag was hoisted by the  Principal Sri Lakhi Narayan Goswami. School NCC Team , students, teachers and some parents were present in the programme following appropriate Covid Protocol. Mananeeya PravinJi Davolkar , Adarneeya Meera Didi, Ma. Kamalakantji, Baliarsingha Sir graced the occassion with their presence.In this connection a cultural programme was organised where AayaDidis, Bhaiyas also performed song, recitation , dance etc withe students and teachers. 
In the presence of some nearby students and parents, well-wishers  in our Naupukhuri Unit and Chabua unit also the 75th Independence Day was celebrated with a small programme.