Every Soul is Potentially divine

The Goal is to manifest the divinity within. Do it either by work or worship

They only live who live for others

The rest are more dead than alive

My faith is in younger generation

Out of them will come my workers, they will work out the whole problems like lions

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in Man

We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, intellect is expanded..

Arise Awake and stop not till the goal is reached

You have to grow from the inside out, none can teach you..there is no other teacher than your own self

National Cadet Corps Rank Ceremony

Ranks achieved by our students

Lance corporal (LCPL)

A) Saronjyoti Gohain
B) Himakshi Chetia
C) Moon Teli


A) Arjyaman Kashyap 
B) Ayush Gupta 

Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS)

A) Tanveer  Kaur

-By Vansaj Shah

The strength extended - Shakti Pradarshan

Sri Sanjay Yadav sir, our teacher finally commissioned as Associate NCC Officer @Rank of 3rd officer  equivalent to 2nd Lieutenant.

By Dhrubajit Saikia


A. Under -14
1. 100m - Manab Jyoti Dutta. - 2nd.
2. 200m - Manab Jyoti Dutta.  - 3rd. 
3. 800m - Jishnujit Dutta.  - 1st.
4. Long jump -  Jishnujit Dutta.  -1st.
5. Shot put -  Tonmoy Sonowal. - 1st 
B. Under - 17.
1. 100m - Partha pratim Changmai. -. 1st.
2. 100m - Ankurita Chutia.  - 1st.
3. 200m - Partha pratim Changmai . - 1st.
4. 200m - Chayanika Moran.  - 1st.
5. 400m - Chayanika  Moran . - 1st.
6. 1500m - Sadvik bhowmik. - 1st. 
7. 1500m - Gourangi Phukan. - 3rd.
8.  Shotput -  Aaditya Bikram Parashar. - 2 nd 
9. Long jump - Ankurita Chutia.  -1st .
10. Discus throw - Aditya Bikram Parashar. 1st .
C. Under - 19
1. Shotput - Ongthoi Sinphoo. - 1st .
2. Shotput - Bidisha Borgohain. 1st .
3. Discus throw - Ongthoi Sinphoo. -1st.
4. Discus throw - Bidisha Borgohain. - 1st .

Gold🥇 =  15
Silver 🥈=  2
Bronze🥉= 2
Total = 19 . 
No of Students : 11.
No of Medal: 19.

The Young Senior Club of Cyclists!

A team of 8 Young Senior Cyclist visited our Campus on 12 December morning. This team is travelling West to Far East in Cycle as they started from Gujarat Border and now heading towards Kibithu in Arunachal Pradesh. Many of them are doctors, retired business professonals and Govt. employees. They had a small discussion session with our Class XII students and inspired all of us to work for country and keep fit. Principal Lakhi Narayan GoswamiJi welcomed all with a fulam gamocha. After their breakfast the team left for Arunachal Pradesh.

Geeta jayanti

Whenever evil (adharma) becomes dominant in society, God will himself come to this earth to restore dharma.

Paritranaya Sadhunam sloka, Shri Bhagwan is preaching the Gita to his friend and devotee Arjuna, saying that whenever there is a loss of religion and an increase of unrighteousness.

 These are slokas from bhagawat gita.
A book containing the conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna.
It was the conversation started by lord Krishna when he saw Arjuna losing his confidence and faith, to guide him. Bhagawat Gita contains the morals about living a life, ways to live a life, and a immense amount of knowledge which will guide humanity till the end of time itself.

Today, on 3rd December Gita Jayanti is celebrated.

There are 5 inspirations for our vidyalaya: Swami Vivekananda, Bharat mata, eknathji ranade, Kendra prarthana and bhagawat  Gita.

So in our Vidyalaya, Gita Jayanti is celebrated with a great spirit. One of our teachers gave a great, heartwarming, and inspiring speech. One of our students also gave an informative speech that taught us  about the contribution of Bhagwat Gita to man-building, science, and technology.

By Somraj Mitra

The Valiant ChauLung Sukapha & Asom Divas

Vidyalaya celebrated the Birth Day of the Great Ruler and a Valient Leader & master mind for the foundation of the Ahom Dynasty in Assam, Chaolung Sukaphaa. Teacher spoke about the importance of the day followed by song, dance and recitation keeping track with his glorious contribution to the Assamese society.




  • "When my countrymen are suffering from invasion, and when my army is fighting and sacrificing its life, how can I think about resting my body due to a mere illness? How can I think about going home to my wife and children when my entire country is in trouble?" this is the quote of Lachit Borphukan, a brave general of Ahom who restricted the Mughals on numerous occasions.

  • 24th November is celebrated as Lachit Divas and our school too celebrated it with a short program.

  • A short speech was delivered by MansiDidi introducing the great legend
  • Parthav Kashyap of class XI recited a beautiful and energetic poem.
  • Chayanika Moran and Vhelina Sonowal did a duo dance.
- By Vansaj Shah          


"Arise awake and stop not until the goal is reached" a thought of Swami Vivekananda that drives the students of our Vidyalaya to achieve great heights. Likewise, Joyasis Dutta a student of class VI of VKV TSK won 2nd position in the 3rd International Yogasana Sports Championship 2022 held in Karnal(Haryana) on 14,15 and 16 November 2022.

Today he was felicitated with fulam gamcha for his wonderful performance and for bringing prestige to our school. To commemorate his contribution our Vidyalaya rewarded him with a cash prize of one thousand rupees.

- By Vansaj Shah and Somraj Mitra

Sadhana Divas

Observed on 19 November - Ekanathji Jayanti. Remembering the founder of Vivekananda Kendra, studying his vision and rededicating ourselves to the mission of Nation building. It is a celebration that is celebrated every year in VKV. This year was not left out from the precious event. The objectives of this celebration are:- 
  • To pay tribute to the founder of Vivekananda Kendra, Mananeeya Eknathji Ranade
  • The divine Bharat is destined to guide the world. So in this Ishwari Karya of National Resurgence Karyakarta is the chosen instrument. When the Karyakartas work with this Sadhanabhava it becomes their Sadhana.
  • The students of the Vidyalaya celebrated this day by performing dance, delivering a speech, songs etc. The prasad was soon provided to each and every person there.
  • Made by Dhrubajit Saikia

Ganit Prajna Pariksha Felicitation Program

A felicitation programme for the achievers of Ganit Prajna Pariksha (GPP) of our school was arranged in the assembly hall on 17 November.  Chief guest for the programme was  Dr.Deepika Bhattacharjee, Associate professor, Dept. Of Mathematics, Tinsukia College. She is also working as the Coordinator of Tinsukia Center for the state level Mathematics Olympiad conducted by Assam

Academy of Mathematics since 2000. She spoke about the importance of Mathematics using a presentation.

- By Vansaj Shah     

"Teacher is a Nation Builder".. a talk by Mananeeya VishwasJi Lapalkar

Mananeeya ViswasJi Lapalkar, Senior Kendra Karyakarta & former Secretary of VKSPV  addressed our teachers and gave a talk on "Teachers as Nation Builders, Values, classroom management" etc. on 12th  of  November 2022, Saturday at school's Yoga Vidya Sabhagriha.  He engaged all in hands-on activities, games etc and inspired the teachers to work enthusiastically.


Our Principal respected Sri Lakhi Narayan GoswamiJi was Felicitated by Rang-Mela Children Publication at Regional Science centre at Khanapara, Guwahati on 13th of November 2022, Sunday. The felicitation was to appreciate for the active coordination and for his sincere efforts in conducting various Talent Search exams in the schools for the children for last couple   of years.

Robotics Workshop attended by IT Club members

A team of 5 students from IT CLUB attended a one day workshop at IndiaFirst Robotic Smart School in Moran today. The workshop is on Learning basic steps of Robotics. Dr Mukul Bora, Director of Engineering Dept of Dibrugarh University was the Chief Guest for the Programme. He was an IIT Kharagpur alumni. Students from VKV Sivsagar, Tinsukia, Dibrugarh and some students from Moran were the participants of the workshop.

Guru Nanak Jayanti

553 Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak devji or Guruparv was celebrated in our Vidyalaya's morning assembly. For the Primary section, Mythological and historical dress display by students were performed. 
Teacher Manjit Singh Assi rendered a visual presentation for the secondary/Sr.sec section encompassing different accounts from Guruji's life and teachings.

A team of students undertook the "Jal-Sewa" (distribution of Water) for the people of Procession taken out by Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Gurudwara , Tinsukia, while celebrating Guru Nanak Jayanti.

-By Vansaj Shah

Guidance for CUET Exam

Dr. Jagwinder Singh. M.Com, Ph.D., MPhil from Dibrugarh University visited our School today and took a career counseling session specially for CUET EXAM. Sr.Sec. students attended the beneficial session.

-By Dhrubajit Sakia and Vansaj Shah       

Our vidyalaya's participation in NCSC

 "NCSC a platform for future nation builders" 

NCSC (national children's science congress )is a program held for a great motive of  searching young talents throughout our great nation. It was started in 1993 by national council for science and  technology  communication. Many schools throughout India participate in it including our vidyalaya. in assam it was held bordumsa,kuijupathar,shrimanta sankardev high school. There were 14 participants and 7 groups  from our vidyalaya. In which 1 group participated in model making competition  and other 6 groups participated in research project competition. It was a great, heart amusing and at the same time a challenging event for the participants. Every participant worked very hard for  it for not only winning the competition but also representing their schools in that enormous level. This program serves a great service to our nation by providing an opportunity for the enthusiast and keen youth of this country who will lead and build this nation in the future. National building is a key moral and motive  which drives our vidyalaya.

by rajkamal kashyap and somraj mitra.

Success story of Alumni in APSC

Alumni of the Vidyalaya Su. Bicitra Das, who completed her APSC 2022 & got into prestigious Administrative arena, visited our Vidyalaya & Spoke to the students of Sec/Sr Sec in the morning assembly. After her XII (in Science stream) she did Masters in Political science and later completed Integrated LLb & MBA before appearing for APSC. How to use mobile & Internet, study hours and approch to life etc were the points she talked about.


Visit by Dr Richa Sharma

Visit by Dr Richa Sharma

Dr Richa Chopra, former Founding Head-in-charge, Dept. of Contemplative and Behavioral Sciences, Sri Sri University visited and interacted in a session with students of VIII to XII. She is a senior faculty of IIT Kharagpur. Moreover, she has been a ‘Core Working Member’ for NAAC  towards 
developing the ‘Yoga Accreditation Framework’ for HEIs.She has also conceptualized and directed a thirteen-episode TV series on Yoga ‘Sparkling 
Within’ for Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, launched on June 21st 2015.She has steered over forty-six collaborative projects with various UN & Govt Agencies.

Dr Chopra, tried to make audience feel and experience the basic nature of Mind, how it reacts and respond in different situation. The session ended with experience sharing of some students.

Admissions Open, Now...

Reported by: Ayushman singha.



GPS 2022 
Total six students 
 _Class VII present year_ 
Aditya Prasad 
 _Class lX present year_ 
Pawan Sharma
Ayon Baruah
Somraj Mitra
Debopriyo Nath
Prasurjya Bharadwaj

Ganit Prajna Samvardhan, an initiative of Vivekananda Kendra Shiksha Prasar Vibhag, Guwahati ( a project of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari)  is to promote mathematics learning for the students of VKVs in Assam and Nagaland has successfully completed at NIT Silchar and VKV Ramnagar Silchar on 16 Oct 2022.It was a three day appreciation and exposure  programme for the higher achievers( top ten rank holders in VI and VII and top 15 rank holders in VIII ) of  Ganit Prajna Pariksha-2022(GPP).83 students and 40 maths teachers participated in it. Students got the opportunity to interact with the eminent scholars of NIT Silchar, resource persons from different reputed institutes of Barak Valley and Raman Research Institute ,Bengalore as well as got the chance to visit some  departments of Assam University Silchar and NIT Silchar. It was a life time experience for the achievers also.