On 04.04.2022 VKV Laipuli Tinsukia observes Matri Diwas. All the mothers of class X were welcomed in a traditional way by the teachers and by our students.. The students washed their mother's feet by applying turmeric and then with water. The feet were wiped out by the towels which were brought by the students. 
The programme started with Mangalacharan and lighting of diyas near Saraswati Maa in the presence of our Principal Sri Lakhinarayan Goswami sir and today's special guest for the programme was Sri. Bikash Upadhya sir teacher of VKV Dibrugarh. 
The programme was anchored by Ranjit sir. He sang a song which was dedicated to all the mothers. He along with Jeeta didi spoke on the importance of our mother in our life. The programme was observed by chanting of mantras by Bikash sir followed by the students worshipping their mother's. It was something very unique. The rituals became a very emotional moment for all the mothers. Few mothers spoke about their motherhood days and also very much thankful to the entire VKV family for following such customs which is not seen in today's world. 
The programme was concluded by valuable words spoken by our principal sir. He explained the importance of mother in our life along with that he also gave a short brief regarding students performance in the last exam. 
Overall the programme was a grand success with the blessings of Bharat Mata and Swamiji.


One of the most important and significant programme of Vivekananda Kendra is Utsarga Samaroh. On 5th April,2022, Utsarga Samaroh is observed in our Vidayalaya for class XII students. Su. Vandana Puri , Primary Incharge of VKV Tinsukia lead the programme. A total of 64 students took part in the programme in Yoga Vidya Sabhagriha from 9:45 am to 11:30 am .