Library: The Knowledge Hub

“A library is not a building stacked with books – it is a repository and source of information and ideas, a place for learning and enquiry, and for the generation of thought and the creation of new knowledge.”

Our Library:
Our Vidyalaya's library with its excellent collection of books, periodicals and multimedia is the knowledge hub of the school and disseminate knowledge as widely as possible.
  1. Opening Hours: The library keeps open during the entire school hours, i.e. from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM.
  2. Library Period: According to school time table every section from class VI to XII has a library period for visiting the library. In this period, students can read, borrow books and actively take part in all library activities.
  3. Borrowing Information: For class VI to VIII one book and for Class IX to XII two books are issued at a time for one week.  For faculty and staff, a maximum of five books can be issued for 15 days.
  4. Classification System: The library uses Dewey Decimal Classification System (Edition 20) for classification of the books.
  5. Library Automation: The library is partially automated by using Library Manager v6.5.9 software.
F.A.Q. ( Frequently Asked Question)
  1. How can I search book in the library?
    A shelf guide is displayed in the library which can help to find a book. With the help of Library Manager installed in the computer it is possible to get information whether a book is available or not in the library.
  2. How can I issue book?
    Books can be issued only in the library period with the help of your library card for a period of seven (7) days. Periodicals and reference books are not for issue.
  3. If I do not return issued books on due date?
    Per day one rupee (Re 1) fine will be imposed. If you need a book for more days, you can renew the ownership.
  4. What if the book is lost?
    You can replace the book with same edition. If not, two times of the cost of the book may be recovered from you.