Science club

Young pupil are always eager to do something and a science club is the place where they can work and develop their skill.
Members of science club actively participated in various events pre-scheduled in our school calendar.
The activities are as follows :
1.Chart/poster making
Some important topics were selected for various class level.The members of the club made many charts on the topics like digestive system, excretory system, respiratory system,circulatory system,plant and animal cells etc
2.Low cost model making
Some low cost simple models were made by the students.
  For examples periscope,kaleidoscope,wind vane,rainwater harvesting,
Breathing mechanism,sand timer etc.
3.Organic cultivation
Members of class viii had tried organic cultivation in
Flower tubs like chili and tomato plants
4.Birthday observation of scientist
   Birthday of scientist specially the missile man
   Of India Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam was observed.
  His contributions towards science and technology
  Was highlighted and discussed by the member of
   Science club.
5. Science seminar
  Science seminar was conducted by the members of
  Class viii and class xi
The topics were  a) Environmental pollution
 b) Air cooler without  Refrigerants

Incharge teachers
1. Aruna Bhattacharjee
2. Mr.Sanjay yadav