Valued Visitors in October

The Vidyalaya was fortunate and happy to find among us some of the most important personalities in our School Campus, this October. Here are they:

1. Sri Santosh Takaley, Sr. Scientist, Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Maharastra 
2. Mananeeya Vishwas Lapalkar, Prant Sagathak, Vivekananda Kendra, Goa & Maharastra
3. Sri Vasant Barve, Former Mathematics Faculty, IIT, Kharagpur

1.       Sri Santosh Takaley : Sr. Scientist Santosh Takaley from Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Maharastra, visited our Vidyalaya on 7 October 2017. He interacted with the students of Class IX, X, XI and XII. In his lecture he was introducing students with the amazing history of the World through his topic: Developing Scientific Temperament.


Mananeeya Vishwas Lapalkar :  Mananeeya BiswasJi was in tour of North East and as a part of it he visited our Vidyalaya on 10 Oct 2017. On 12 Oct, Sri VishwasJi had five (5) excellent sessions with different topics and made the audience spellbound. His day-long programme was as follows:  

a.       Gyanpith School: At morning 9 am he was talking with the small kids of neighbouring Gyanpith Vidyalalya, a kilometer away from our school. Nearly 50 students / teachers took part.

b.      VKV Laipuli, Primary Section: Ma. VishwasJi talked, played danced and put values in the mind of young taught in our morning assembly. 300 students/teachers were present in the programme.

c.       VKV Laipuli, Sec/ Sr. Secondary Section: VishwasJi interacted with the student of higher sections and inspired them to work for the nation and their Vidyalaya. Quoting the life and message of Sister Nivedita and Swami Vivekananda he showed the right direction to move ahead. Almost 400 student/teachers were present here. 

d.      Parents of VKV Laipuli : From afternoon 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. he delivered an effective speech on Sister Nivedita to some of the parents , as a part of her 150th Birth Anniversary this year, and inspired parents about their role in bringing up a child with proper values of life. More than 200 parents and teachers attended the programme.        
e. Teachers of VKV Laipuli: Ma. VishwasJi conducted the last session of the day from 3.30 to 4.45 p.m. for the teachers of the Vidyalaya. All were inspired and filled with enthusiasm after listening to him. He was delivering lecture on the topic “Creating positive environment in the Vidyalaya”. Many lively examples with humorous punch, made the speaker effective in his approach. Nearly 60 teachers with Principal Guru Charan Das and RAO, VKVSPV, Sri Digesh Nath was present in the session.

f. Prof. Vasant Barve, Retd. Prof Mathematics, IIT Kharagpur, happily agreed and conducted wonderful classes for three days in our Vidyalaya for the students of Class X and XII. His amazing skill of teaching and explanation helped students to grow in wisdom.