International yoga day celebrated

International yoga day was celebrated in our Vidyalaya through day-long programme. Students and teachers of the Vidyalaya visited different schools and institutions in Tinsukia and Panitola. Under the guidance of Sukanta Sir, Vandana Didi, Neeladeep Sir and some other teachers , students of the Vidyalaya performed Yogasanas in Assembly Hall and YogaVidya Sabhagriha , in School Campus. In the following places also Vivekananda Kendra and Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Laipuli organized Yoga Demonstration and classes for other students and common people:
1) Rail - DRM OFFICER Club श्रीपुरिया मे - 6:30 am.
2)मानव कल्यान मे योग जिवन पद्धति  पावर पाइंट प्रेशेन्टेशेन रखा है | - 6:00am.
3) Ganpati Roy Rashivasiya High school,Makum 9:30 am.
4)Panitola Boys H.S.School. - 9:30am.
5)Boruahola high School - 9:30am.
6)Indira Gandhi high school - 9:30am.
7)Kaptansuk L.P. School. - 9:30.
8) Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalay Tinsukia laypuli - 9:30 am
More than 600 (six hundred) students and parents in total participated in Yoga-Divas programmes organized by VK/VKV Tinsukia on 21 June 2019.