Teaching of the Holy Trio

Teacher Neeladeep K Chakraborty participated and anchored The conference on Bhakta Sammelan at Ramakrishna Seva samity Tinsukia where speakers were His Holiness Rev. Swami SuhitanandaJi, Vice President of Ramakrishna Mission, BelurMath, Kolkata. Swami Chandrakantananda, Swami Tatbodhananda and Swami Indrananthananda. 300 devotees and delegates attended their sessions. Life and teachings of the Holy Trio was the topic of their lectures. Vice President MaharajJi will be here in Tinsukia up to

14 June and will be giving Mantra Diksha to the devotees. Everyday after evening prayers he will be accepting Pronam of the devotees in the Ashram campus.