An initiative towards green India

On Thursday, 27th June, a group of 11 students performed a presentation of two solar cookers in the 2nd-morning assembly. The project was undertaken by the students of class 11 IT Club of the school and it was coordinated by teacher Neeladeep Chakraborty. The name of the students are :
 1. Saurav Dutta
 2. Avinabh Dutta 
 3. Akash Roy
 4. Abhiraj Chakraborty
 5. Manwindar Singh
 6. Ayush Prasad
 7. Trishank Dahutia
 8. Sondeepon Roy
 9. Rishikesh Verma
 10. Himanshu Bharti
11.Anurag Mishra
Saurav Dutta and Akash  Roy gave a brief description of the working principle and technique of the solar cooker and the rest were acknowledged.
Our students have contributed little to help the world overcome its problem of resources exhaustion by harnessing the sun's energy.
"This is a small step towards a distant destination."