Gramin Krira Samaraha

                                      “Ramsumani  Deepjyoti Sangha”

In association with ‘Panitola sports Academy’ organized Gramin Krira Samaraha 2019. Students from many different schools all over Tinsukia and Dibrughar District and Participated in it, including several from our own. Our vidyalaya students have participated in almost every sorts and some have emerged victorious in their respective fields 

 our achievements are.
1.       Chayanjit Gohain – 1st Position in Shot put (Group A) and 1500m race.
2.       Lakhya Jyoti Baruah-1st position in shot put (Group B) and 3rd Position in Discus Throw (Group B).
3.       Dipankar Saha -3rd position in 100m race.
4.       Debasis Baruah -2nd position in 800m and 1500m.
5.       Nishanath Dangoria -3rd position in shot put.
6.       Dhanistha Phukan -1st position in Shot put.
7.        Anikurita Chutia -3rd position in Long jump.
8.       Chayanika Moran, Anikurita Chutia, Bhelina Sonowal
           and Jutika Gohain got 1st position in 100m relay (jointrace).


Our students have always excelled in their respective
 fields, and they never have been bound by any boundaries, 
because knowledge and determination.