Ganesh Chaturthi

Today in our Vidyalaya on the account of  'Ganesh Chaturthi' We celebrated this auspicious day with some heart smoothing Bhajans. Senior students drew a beautiful 'Rangoli' and decorated the Murti Of God Ganesha, filling the yoga hall with heart warming peace. The students were brought in the yoga hall for a short period of time, but it was satisfactory as students were attracted to the great god Ganesha. At the end of the great and refreshing ceremony the pandit sprinkled "Shanti Jal" on the people present there and distributed Prasad to everyone present there. Overall this day was a beautiful and wholesome day of celebration for the students as well as the teachers. Following are Some pictures from the occasion:-

A picture of the Decorated Statue of God Ganesha.
                        Beautiful Rangoli 
Pictures of  "Shanti jal" sprinkled by Pandit Ji 

Students sitting in the yoga hall before the occasion

Made by Dhrubajit Saikia and Somraj Mitra